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Toluna is transforming the way marketing decisions are made.

Toluna offers the industry’s first and leading end-to-end automated research platform and provides clients with the ability to access Insights on a new way of accessing insights, which offers the benefit of unrivalled speed and cost efficiencies, as well as, the ability to adopt agile digitally forward research solutions.

The coupling of our real-time global community, technology, and expertise is what makes us unique, and why clients rely on Toluna to automate their research programs, provide real-time, global respondents, best-in-class programming capabilities and real-time data visualization and analytic capabilities.

Toluna’s solutions are scalable, and depending upon the timeline needed, and complexity of need, we offer DIY, assisted DIY, and full service solutions for survey programming, sampling, bespoke communities, and analytics.

The benefits clients have experienced by using Toluna include;

  • The ability to react quickly – our community, tools and research processes are designed to deliver real-time insights, and empower agile research solutions.
  • High-quality insights – the research projects we run are designed with quality in mind, and we have extensive experience creating representative sample frames, migrating tracking studies and more.
  • Global access to highly engaged, quality survey respondents - our community is built to truly engage with members on an ongoing basis, and we go above and beyond industry best-practices approaches.
  • Access to both leading-edge claimed and observed insights - view your consumers from every angle by coupling survey research with our newly launched Digital Tracking product.

Toluna provides a suite of agile research solutions, and enterprise-level research programs for many of the industry’s top firms worldwide.




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