Why Offer Online Communities to your Clients?

Including panel communities in your offering provides an opportunity to develop strategic partnerships with your clients. Increase your long-term margins and revenue and future-proof your relationships with those clients.

Online panel communities broaden your research offering, going beyond ad hoc data collection. Take advantage of new opportunities with online communities by using mobile missions and harnessing social media for research, giving you the ability to pro-actively present solutions to clients.

Turn your clients’ customer / employee / stakeholder databases into a valuable research resource.

Online communities are an increasingly valuable tool for insights and innovation.

The role of the traditional researcher is changing, and clients are expecting more and more from their trusted research agencies. Clients expect power, vision, bravery and support. Above all, the ultimate goal is to uncover breakthrough insights, and there are new tools and technologies available enabling us to do this better than ever.


Researchers and consumers are doing things differently than before:

  • Growth of DIY research tools
  • Growth of online panel communities – bypassing traditional research companies
  • Growth in internet users and social media – collaborating and commenting on other people’s views via social networks & comparison review sites

Move away from the traditional idea of ‘asking people what they think’ to ‘listening to what people think’ – presenting new opportunities for insight.

Why Partner with Toluna?

TolunaCommunities are easy to use and we give you the tools to become ‘expert’. With Toluna Communities, we offer a solution that is comprehensive, reliable, scalable, built with your needs in mind, and fast time to value. We function ‘behind the scenes’ or provide you with support - we can even provide you with sales training to ensure your channel has the support they need.

Toluna Online Communities. A powerful solution that scales to meet your needs.

Toluna provides the respondents and tools most ideal for market researchers interested in offering online communities to their clients. Our features are unique, and highly customization.

  • Provide customers with access a pre-recruited panel of their target audience
  • Eliminates the time and expense to recruit
  • Leverage your own customer list, or use Toluna to help recruitment
  • Often individuals enjoy participating in focused surveys, especially if it is a ‘high-affinity’ product
  • Join the other companies like yours who are partnering with Toluna to offer online communities to their clients