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Partner with Toluna to power your pitches, inform PR campaigns and more with on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights.

Toluna empowers communications agencies to consider research to make better marketing and PR decisions, and expand their product offering to their clients. 

Toluna is transforming the way marketing decisions are made by bringing consumers and brands together via the world’s largest social voting community of 10 million members across 59 countries. This real-time access to consumers is coupled with its state-of-the-art, market research survey and analytics platform.

Communications Agencies benefit by Using Research to:

  • Add credibility to press releases
  • Support client pitches with relevant consumer insights
  • Power byline articles with supporting data
  • Substantiate product and branding claims
  • Offer ad hoc studies, brand tracking programs, concept evaluation and refinement, custom communities and more to clients.

Insight Platform Designed with Communications Agencies in Mind

Toluna's digital solutions platform and enterprise framework enable many of the industry's largest, and most well-respected companies to automate their research process, and speed time to insight.

  • QuickSurveys™ - offers quick-turn, representative research data at low cost – ideal for studies that need to be projectable or sourced in the press.
  • PowerConcept – fully-automated concept testing tool designed to enable you to test and understand the overall strength of your branding, product or advertising concepts in just hours, enabling you to collect valuable insights ten times faster than traditional concept testing methods and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Permission-based Digital Tracking - offers In-App tracking for content-level video and music consumption, ad exposure and e-Commerce at the SKU, advertisement or program level. For media consumption, we can see what people are watching on Netflix or Hulu. We can tell what ads people have been exposed to on YouTube.
  • Toluna Communities™ - including panel communities in your offering provides an opportunity to develop strategic partnerships with your clients. Increase your long-term margins and revenue and future-proof your relationships with those clients. Online panel communities broaden your research offering, going beyond ad hoc data collection.
  • TolunaAnalytics™ - expedite your analysis with Toluna’s sophisticated, yet easy-to-use web-based data visualization and analytics tool.  Receive actionable information on-demand, within moments of project launch, as data is populated in real-time. Make better recommendations quickly and easily, and share and report information faster than ever before.


“By enabling us to pre-test concepts and ideas, QuickSurveys has potentially saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”
Mark Rozeen, EVP Insights and Innovations, Golin Harris

“The Omnibus option is a life saver for us… Quick, easy, and responsive are 3 ways I would describe my experience with Toluna. In fact, I have so many Toluna people helping me, my biggest issue is which one to contact when I have a question since they are all so responsive, helpful and smart.”
Joe Pilla, Mindshare USA

"Agency business is always fast moving, but developing an entire campaign strategy in one week with camera crews filming your every move is quite a unique experience. Since we were under immense time pressure, we fielded a study using QuickSurveys. It is a perfect tool for quick turnaround research needs like this!” … on using QuickSurveys to test concepts shown to clients on the A&E reality show “The Pitch". 
Robert Herbst, Research Director, FKM New York


Toluna Data Sourced in the Press

Join the many who have used consumer data to add credibility to their press releases, pitches and bylines, to inform stories that have appeared in the Financial Times, Advertising Age, Wired, Time Magazine and more! 

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