Toluna provides companies with the ability to program and field surveys - even complex study designs - quickly and economically.

At Toluna, we know that data collection is a small, but critical element of project success.  Each project carries with it an opportunity and an obligation to learn more about your goals and those of your client.


We begin every project with a discussion on your research objectives and requirements.
We confirm what is most important to you and prioritize accordingly.

We look at demographics and qualifications, but also the means of connecting with respondents.
Every survey we program is optimized for mobile compatibility and respondent engagement. When reviewing materials, our Project Managers identify opportunities to incorporate interactive questions and data quality validations. Each sample plan is drafted to maximize representative quota completion.

A custom tutorial on TolunaAnalytics, our proprietary data visualization tool, follows each project launch and initial data check.
You'll have real-time access to data and can begin analysis while in field via TolunaAnalytics. 

We anticipate the unexpected. In the event of a project issue, Toluna details its impact, outlines potential solutions and our recommended course of action.
We review with you and immediately adjust course to ensure field continues uninterrupted. Throughout field, open end responses are validated for content and context.

Toluna views our clients as partners and as such, we actively solicit your feedback following each project.
Our objective is to adapt our teams to best match and complement your work style.

Toluna couples exceptional programming tools with expert around-the-clock staffing, and bar-none reporting to deliver expertly programmed surveys. With over 230 operational staff, including survey programmers, data processors and enhanced rich media (HTML5) developers, and over 165 dedicated project managers across the globe, we offer on-demand service in the North America, Europe, MENA, and APAC regions.



  • Extensive range of skills – from a simple single country, 10 min survey, to complex multi-lingual, 60 min study questionnaire
  • Specialty studies designs – diary (online/offline mode), mobile, IHUT
  • Specialty modules - online focus groups, Max-Diffs, Conjoints, Typing and Segmentation Tools and the application of other custom algorithms
  • Enhanced rich media (Interactive HTML5) - library and capability to customize the designs
  • Customize Survey Themes - a unique look and feel for your studies including custom interfaces for specialized audiences, like healthcare or B2Bstudies


  • Quality check - Validation of all logical flow of questions through automated programming
  • Respondent data quality check – Monitoring speeders, straight liners, open ends, and more
  • Reformatted data
  • Cross tabulation & data weighting
  • Data visualization (TolunaAnalytics – Toluna’s powerful real-time data analytics tool)

Programming Capabilities Demo

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Research Services

We can assist with any of the following:

Questionnaire Design/Optimization

No survey can yield meaningful and actionable results without a well-designed survey instrument. Toluna’s research team writes and/or optimizes questionnaires to ensure that the survey data will help to answer key business objectives and that respondents fully understand the questions. The team also makes sure the survey questions are targeted to the proper audience(s) and will keep respondents engaged

Sample Design

Toluna can help determine desired base sizes, target groups, and how to administer the sample. Making these decisions up front can help to expedite timelines and to ensure various thresholds are met after the data is processed

Customized Data Analysis/Reporting

Whether the required deliverable is a PowerPoint presentation with an executive summary or just key findings in Word format, Toluna can tailor findings to meet specific client objectives, in our template or yours.

General Research Consulting

Brainstorming on tracking or ad hoc studies is another service that Toluna offers. We’ve held work sessions on site to build annual research plans and confer with clients to help resolve discrepancies in their data.

Design of Data Tabulation Specifications

We anticipate which data points will be most relevant during the analysis phase and then a compile a tab plan and banner specifications that illustrate how the data is to be filtered or netted together at each question.Comparisons can then made between various subgroups via significance testing.

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