visualise and analize results

Visualize and Analyze Results

Toluna provides data in a myriad of ways, and we can provide you with the tools you need to analyze data in real-time.  From dashboarding and scorecards, to TolunaAnalytics – we deliver the insights you need when, where and how you need them. 

You need to access information – not just data at a moments’ notice.

Use dashboards and scorecards to better predict & benchmark & apply targets to goals and create visible performance benchmarks that are available at all levels throughout the enterprise.  This type of reporting provides a view to the organization's goals/mission, a place on how interpret the data and a driving tool to build a stronger data culture, and a one-stop-shop to quickly create priorities for improvement. 

We’ve built dashboards and scorecards for clients that are central to their success, and used to provide management-ready, real-time reports from the CEO to a regional manager.  The goals are easy to read, and action-steps clear.  This type of real-time insight, and ease of course correction helps to ensure ongoing business success.  

  • Dashboards are static reports that provide a snapshot of performance for key measures
  • Scorecards provide diagnostic results over different intervals of time - scorecards are accessed via included dashboard, with up to 5 graphs

TolunaAnalytics is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use web-based data visualization and analytics tool that enables you to access real-time reporting and analyze results with the click of a button while surveys are in field, as data populates in real-time.

Use TolunaAnalytics to:

  • Access information without delay –data is available immediately and you can access field reports and analyze data while surveys are still in-field

  • Comprehensive reporting platform – field reports, verbatim responses and key measures all within a single interface

  • Leverage advanced analytic procedures – weight data, create sub-populations, filter and conduct all levels of significance testing

  • Information is customized – drag and drop PowerPoint creation, word cloud verbatims, create tables/re-run banners as needed

  • Information is customized – drag and drop PowerPoint creation, word cloud verbatims, create tables/re-run banners as needed

Count on Toluna to program your survey and you’ll receive a link to TolunaAnalytics as soon as your project launches!


Product Features:

  • Create custom weights, sub-populations and filtered reports for easy collaboration 
  • Customize confidence intervals 
  • Create word clouds to visualize open end responses 
  • Share analysis with key collaborators – all within TolunaAnalytics – Data encryption and password protection enables safe sharing of analysis with 
    key stakeholders