toluna_healthcare_cmykAccess medical professionals, ailment sufferers and consumers all in one place with Toluna.

Toluna’s Healthcare Practice has been providing healthcare and pharmaceutical research practitioners with access to physicians, pharmacists, nurses and medical professionals of all specialties, as well as ailment sufferers since 2000. The Practice is one of the leading providers of access to specialty respondents and applies many of the same principles used for the company’s 21+ million member consumer community to healthcare respondents. Toluna is a leading provider in on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights with a focus on innovation in research technology.

Global Respondent Access - Medical Professionals

Toluna gives you access to a pre-identified, pre-screened and highly qualified pool of global physicians, medical professionals and more! Toluna provides access to healthcare professionals panels across the globe. We can survey within every medical specialty and our respondents are validated. In addition to physicians, Toluna has assembled panels of other types of medical professionals, including Nurses, Pharmacists, Hospital Executives, Dentists, Optometrists and opticians, Veterinarians, Certified Diabetic Educators, and Payers/MCOs (Medical and Pharmacy Directors).

Click to download our PanelBook to learn more about our panel of physicians, medical professionals, and more.

Methodologies specifically designed to gain insight from medical professionals:

  • International Rx Name Validation

  • Patient Chart Audit

  • List Match Studies

  • Government Approved Claims Research

  • Branded Panel Communities

  • Cutting-Edge Study Designs

Global Respondent Access - Ailment Sufferers

The Ailment Sufferer Panel has ailment conditions ranging from the most common conditions to the lowest incidence audiences, including allergies, digestive conditions, sexual health, skin conditions, cancer and more. Our Pharmacy Intercept capability enables us to target ailment sufferers as they fulfill prescriptions.

Our approach to hard-to-reach patient segments is valuable, as a network of physicians perform the recruiting, screening and distribution of the research engagement. This helps to both identify and recruit difficult to reach groups, such as those who use a specific type of medication or suffer from a specific ailment. Studies can be done with a wide range of patient types, both with and without specific product usage, including but not limited to Lung cancer and Melanoma, Kidney disease, Psoriasis, and HIV/AIDS.

Methodologies specifically designed to gain insight from medical professionals:

  • Clinical Trial Recruitment

  • Device Prototypes & Pack Tests

  • Online Ad Testing

  • Online Qualitative Bulletin Boards Software & Recruitment

  • Branded Panel Communities

  • Cutting-Edge Study Designs

Digital Survey Solutions

Whatever you need, we can help. Our programmers are available around the clock to program the most complex surveys with ease. No matter how you choose to work with Toluna, you'll receive real-time data and reporting through Toluna Analytics™—data that you can turn into actionable insights and bottom-line results.

Advanced survey programming ensures respondents stay engaged while taking your surveys, offering even better results.  Our programmers are expert at enhanced rich media (Interactive HTML5) custom designs.  We can also customize survey themes, offering a unique look and feel for your studies including custom interfaces for specialized healthcare and pharmaceutical audiences.

Visualize & Analyze
TolunaAnalytics™ is the industry leading real-time reporting platform enabling clients to easily create visual reports and gain deep, actionable insights.

With TolunaAnalytics™, clients can analyze survey data in real-time.  It is a visualization tool that enables users to easily view results, create cross-tabulations and prepare personalized PowerPoint presentations with the click of a button while surveys are in field, as data populates in real-time.    

Introducing, RapidResponseRx

In our experience working on healthcare insights studies for the past 17+ years, we know that these studies are typically longer, more complex, and more expensive than consumer studies. Toluna’s commitment to offering quick-turn insights, making it easier for clients to react to findings, offers the opportunity for us to optimize our healthcare work with newly launched RapidResponseRx.

We’ve automated our process by creating questionnaire and programming templates that allow for faster study design and launch. By keeping standard documents ready for quick edits, we cut launch time from days to hours, which can be critical when our clients need feedback sooner. Plus, data visualization and analytics are easier than ever with real-time TolunaAnalytics, which allows you to react to findings while the study is still in field.


“I have already recommended Toluna to others. Your service is unparalleled, and the cost effectiveness of your research has allowed me to conduct projects that otherwise I would not be able to undertake."
Kate Gilbert, Strategic Marketing Consultant on behalf of Sinclair Pharma

“Market research is an essential tool for the charity sector, enabling it to access the people it is trying to support. The key issue is budget. Toluna has enabled us to access opinions and insight in a quick and cost effective way."
Victoria Boelman, Market Researcher, Macmillan
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