Unprecedented Real-Time Insight Into Online & Mobile Behavior

The fragmentation of traditional retail and media landscapes sees today’s consumer watching video, listening to music and shopping online, across an ever-proliferating number of on-demand digital platforms. Market research companies are faced with new challenges to accurately measure the impact of these new platforms, and the opportunity to provide deeper insight than ever before.

Toluna Digital Tracking is a single-source permission-based digital tracking solution that provides unprecedented real-time insight into online and mobile consumer behavior. Used alone, or in combination with other research methodologies, Digital Tracking provides the most robust insight available in the market today and drives intelligent business strategies.

Digital Tracking provides unprecedented insight, and the following are the types of questions people are answering with digital tracking solutions.

  • Where does our target segment spend their time online?
  • How does our digital service perform relative to competitors among my target segments?
  • What role are major e-commerce sites playing throughout our customer’s path-to-purchase experience?
  • How can I track ad exposure and match it to key demographic and behavioral attributes among my customers?
  • How can I get deeper data to help understand channel marketing and optimize distribution?

Business Applications for Digital Tracking

  • Create rich digital profiles - Develop new or augment existing market segments with new digital attributes including media / content / technology usage
  • Deeper insight into digital behavior provides opportunities to refine digital marketing strategies and audience targeting. Understand consumers’ device properties, browsing habits, and internet usage.
  • Understand consumer’s digital path-to-purchase to develop digital strategies to influence shoppers at various touchpoints. Analyze digital touch points, online search activities, clickstream data, browsing activity, purchases made and price, competitors searched, and more.
  • Measure digital ad effectiveness by matching members to their mobile advertisement IDs, allowing tracking of ad exposure and effectiveness based on known demographic and behavioral profiles.
  • Understand target segment’s online media consumption including music, videos and gaming, at the domain and content level.
  • Use event-based triggers such as online activity sequences, patterns, and even geo-location, to trigger follow-up surveys ‘in the moment.’

The following are Types of Data Points Generated by Digital Tracking