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Count on Toluna for all of your survey needs.

Maybe you need to conduct a quick concept test. Or credible survey data to power a rapid-fire press release.  Or maybe you're trying to move your tracking study online or you need to obtain real-time feedback for a client meeting. 

Whatever you need, we can help.  Our programmers are available around the clock to program the most complex surveys with ease, or, you can turn to QuickSurveys and do-it yourself. No matter how you choose to work with Toluna, you'll receive real-time data and reporting through Toluna Analytics™—data that you can turn into actionable insights and bottom-line results.

Specialized Study Designs

As the leading provider of online survey solutions, count on Toluna to meet your survey needs. The following are a few examples of specialized study designs offered.

Concept Testing and Optimization

Concept Testing and Optimization

Get customer feedback before your concepts go live

Toluna provides companies with the ability to run concept/ad testing with ease and can provide you with cutting edge approaches to exposing respondents to stimuli and gauging their reaction.  Present your survey respondents with high quality media online in a secure environment, often during the very early stages of product development.


  • FaceTrace® - Innovative methodology that uses faces to measure emotions - Toluna have partnered with BrainJuicer to measure emotional responses across markets to products, websites, people, packaging and much more.
  • Realeyes Facial Recognition Technology – Optimize concepts by gauging consumer reactions to concepts – Toluna’s Unique Partnership with Realeyes provides unfiltered user response based on facial recognition technology.  Moment-by-moment reactions to ads, media trailers, and more.
  • Secure image and video testing.Toluna has several methods for securing the confidentiality of images and video shown to respondents.Cutting-edge survey designs enable us to provide images in 3d, and enable respondents to get an in-depth view of products being tested.


Optimize your products and concepts quickly and confidently

Conjoint studies are used to measure consumer preference of multi-feature product or choose between service alternatives. The study is designed to show how various elements of a product can be selected to predict customer preferences for those elements. Clients can ascertain a consumers’ willingness to purchase products at certain price points, and which attributes are most desirable.


  • Pricing.  Determine what features a new product should have and how it should be priced.
  • Product development.  Focus product development on client needs.
  • Alternatives.  Explore a customers’ response to alternative pricing strategies, specific price levels, and proposed price changes.
Customer Experience Measurement

Customer Experience Measurement (CEM)

Link the in-store experience you provide with bottom-line business results

Reaching customers and obtaining their feedback at ‘the moment of truth’ is more and more crucial, and Toluna’s CEM solution enables companies to offer store visitors multiple methods for response including IVR, online, and in-store mobile surveys. 

What’s more?  Toluna’s CEM solution is actionable.  Though the program may be designed to answer pressing questions about the in-store experience, this feedback can be reported overall, by store, or other criteria – ensuring success, reporting is bar none.


  • Audit progress against goals.  Ability to set specific service delivery performance criteria and audit progress.
  • Report overall and micro.  Customized continuous reporting tailored to information needs at each level of an organization, plus ad hoc query capabilities.
  • Additional insight.  Ability to understand emerging customer needs, competitive threats, and best practices.

“Toluna has been a critical partner to CVS/Caremark in helping us define and measure what we seek to deliver as an in-store customer experience. Our enterprise views this as a critical element of our value proposition, to our customers, and ultimately to our shareholders as well. We have been especially impressed by their complete/full service delivery of a solution for us in this space.”

— Mark Kolligian, Vice President, Customer Experience at CVS/Caremark

Diary Studies

Diary Studies (TolunaMobile Diary)

Engage with respondents over time and test product usage, side effects and benefits experienced and more!  Diary studies enable you to survey respondents over time, and the TolunaMobile Diary is an ideal way to ensure in-the-moment participation, as individuals are in-store, etc., ask respondents to upload photos and send reminders at specific moments in time. 

  • Content Uploads: Encourage respondents to upload photos in combination with questions being answered or data entered.
  • UPC Scan: Capture UPC codes in stores and translate them into lookup numbers within the data.
  • Reminders: Remind your respondents to enter information when you need it.
  • Offline Surveys: Respondents can take surveys offline—data is automatically uploaded the next time they connect.
Healthcare research studies

Healthcare research studies

Clinical Trial Recruitment: Utilize the vast reach of Toluna’s global consumer panels to access patients and their caregivers.

List Match Studies: Connect with hard-to-reach, high-prescribing physicians, and more! Our multi-pronged matching process is built to maximize the number of matches delivered, yielding one of the best match rates in the industry.
In-Home-Use Testing

In-Home-Use Testing

Conducting in-home-use tests (IHUT) with customers can lead to extremely valuable research insights.  Toluna’s highly engaged online community members are ideal for IHUT projects as they agree to participate over-time, are easily re-contacted for follow-up surveys and longer-term participation. We’ve conducted IHUT projects for companies and products that have ranged from deodorant, to baby formula and our clients have been thrilled with the results.

Media Testing

Media Testing

Present media to respondents even during the initial stages of development.  Toluna’s programming team can work with you to conduct media tests in a secure environment that ensures confidentiality. 

Multimind Omnibus

Toluna MultiMind Omnibus™

Access highly credible data quickly and at a low cost - globally.

The Toluna Omnibus fields daily and enables clients to ask between 1 – 30 questions of a representative sample of 500 – 1,000 respondents (up to 5,000 respondents are possible in select markets).  Clients can include augments of specific targets of interest as needed. Data is delivered in a set of tables in excel or word. 

The MultiMind Omnibus fields in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, India, Australia and China.

Toluna has partnered with iModerate to offer a Qualitative MultiMind Omnibus and supplement quantitative survey data with qualitative discussions. .


  • Executing concept tests, name tests, package tests (monadic method can be employed)
  • Use in the press - results are credible and projectable
  • Profiling demographics of a target
  • Identifying awareness, attitudes and usage
  • Locating hard-to-find, qualified households or individuals for follow-up research
  • Gauging satisfaction with a brand or ad campaign
  • Developing and piloting questions for other surveys

"The Omnibus option is a life saver for us… Quick, easy, and responsive are 3 ways I would describe my experience with Toluna. In fact, I have so many Toluna people helping me, my biggest issue is which one to contact when I have a question since they are all so responsive, helpful and smart!”
—  Joe Pilla, Mindshare USA

Package Design

Package Design

Present your concepts to respondents even during the initial stages of product development.  Toluna’s programming team can work with you to test package designs in a secure environment.  Create 3D images, and more to ensure a realistic product presentation.



Real-time access to rich qualitative customer insight

Toluna’s panelists enjoy participating in qualitative sessions, on-site discussions and more. Our highly co-operative panel of opt-in panel members in globally allows us both exceptional coverage of major consumer markets, and in-depth insights into niche segments. We can recruit virtually any type of respondent to participate in your qualitative studies.  We offer many different opportunities to obtain qualitative insight and can manage the process for you, or provide you with the respondents you need to integrate with your own technology.


  • Online bulletin boards gather ongoing consumer feedback over a period of time.
  • Online focus groups assemble a group of individuals with a professional moderator for a dynamic and engaging conversation.
  • Branded communities provide a forum for members to engage with one-and-other, post comments and more.This feedback supplements and informs quantitative research programs.
  • Mobile qualitative engage respondents ‘on-the-go’ and in the moment.
  • Real-time chat (within surveys) supplements quantitative data with qualitative feedback within the survey environment.


Segment respondents and anticipate behavior, attitudes and preferences

In addition to providing clients with the ability to overlay segmentation schemes, Toluna can fuse third party data sources to create deeper respondent profiles. 


  • Experian Mosaic—Lifestyle Segmentation:  Toluna partners with Experian to segment consumers to provide household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation to offer a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences and habits. Experian’s Mosaic segmentation offering provides 71 segments and 19 overarching groups.
  • Experian Simmons—Expanded Profile Data:  Fuse Toluna survey data with Experian Simmons media consumption data to identify prospects - make more informed media decisions and more. Data can be used to create segments, or append to survey data. 
Simulated Shopping

Simulated Shopping

Present your concepts in a virtual store environment and obtain deeper insight into product placement, pricing and more.  Toluna’s expert programming team can create simulated shopping environments that are designed to allow the respondent to make purchases using “cash” – evaluate click patterns, and shopping cart placement to purchase.

Syndicated Studies

Syndicated Studies

Toluna provides survey data for many leading syndicated research firms.  We understand the need for sampling rigor, and can leverage our SmartSelect methodology to ensure data consistency.

Mobile Survey Solutions

Mobile is where your respondents live—so why not reach them there? You'll get 'in the moment' insights, in real-time, at the moment of truth, from people who are reaching out when it is most convenient for them.

  • Capture longitudinal behavior
  • Evaluate transactions at point of purchase
  • Define accurate retail channels used
  • Profile shoppers and their consumption volume
  • Synchronize survey data with offline or web sources

Do more, learn more with mobile

  • Content Uploads: Encourage respondents to upload photos in combination with questions being answered or data entered.
  • UPC Scan: Capture UPC codes in stores and translate them into lookup numbers within the data.
  • Reminders: Remind your respondents to enter information when you need it.
  • Offline Surveys: Respondents can take surveys offline—data is automatically uploaded the next time they connect.

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Count on Toluna to program your surveys.
Toluna's expert programming team can execute virtually any type of survey you need on time and on budget, while incorporating the latest and greatest survey programming technology designed to optimize respondent engagement, or lead to new insight.  Toluna surveys are fully featured and complex skip patterns, rotations and more are routine for us. 

More than half of the studies we program use advanced scripting technology, and our team can provide alternatives for standard questions, including card sorting, drag-and-drop presentations, image optimization including 3D image presentations, and media testing. Our programming teams are also available to create customized survey designs and can follow specific branding requirements. 

Below is a typical project field process. 

  • Kick off call - Each survey programming project begins with a kick-off call, and we confirm your project specs, ask you about image inclusion, languages included and more. 
  • Project testing and launch – Count on your project director to oversee the programming of your project, and testing prior to project field.  While in field, your project director will monitor your study’s progress.
  • Real-time access to data reporting and analysis tools - While your project is in field, in addition to frequent updates from your project management team, you’ll have access to your data in real-time, with TolunaAnalytics™.
  • Data delivery - Toluna will clean and validate data before project close. Count on us to identify missing or out-of-scope data, perform respondent quality checks, and merge benchmarks into data or tabulations. We'll also combine data from different sources, such as multiple waves, into a single, unified version.

Real, real-time feedback: Toluna QuickSurveys™.
If you need to add muscle to a client pitch, generate PR data or get quick feedback for marketing decisions, Toluna QuickSurveys™ is your solution. Answers you can trust within minutes from our 6 million members. Information you can take to the bank. No need to involve any middlemen.

QuickSurveys is an online, self-service market research tool that connects you to our global community of over 6+ million people in more than 41 countries. They're loyal, passionate and ready to provide you with feedback. You'll get results in real-time with real cost efficiencies.

If you need to add muscle to a client pitch, generate PR data or get quick feedback for marketing decisions, Toluna QuickSurveys™ is guaranteed to give you those answers.

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