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Toluna Announces 'Real-Time Reasearch'

Real­time community, + real­time survey and analytics platform. The Toluna.com survey community was built to engage survey respondents in real time, and when fused with our QuickSurveys DIY survey and analytics platform, speed and technology are the new standards to digital survey research.

​Word Cloud 'Net' Functionality now available in Toluna Analytics™

TolunaAnalytics™ is Toluna’s sophisticated, yet easy­to­use web­based reporting analysis, and visualization tool, and we continue to invest in developing key features that help expedite the analytic process.  TolunaAnalytics is available for all survey projects programmed by Toluna, and QuickSurveys studies.  Take advantage of these new features today!

Introducing PowerAttitudes - 
Attitudes Insights Made Easy!

Announcing the lastest addition to the QuickSurveys DIY 
Survey Platform: 
PowerAttitudes.PowerAttitudes is redefining how you collect 
insights on brand or product  perceptions. 


Customize the survey experience!

Simply create your survey, add a logo and choose your brand colors…
it’s that easy. The Survey Customizer will allow you to personalize the look and feel of your surveys.  Each survey element can be modified to fit your brand’s colors. Just click the new  “Customize your Survey” icon and choose your colors before you build the survey. 

2016 Newsletter

Welcome to 2016! It’s been a while since we’ve sent a
corporate newsletter, and there’s good reason – we’ve
been busy meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients,
launching new product enhancements, and more!

New Features Added to SampleXpress

New & improved features have been added to Toluna’s selfserve
sampling engine, SampleXpress. With a focus on improving the user
experience, we’ve launched Improved Targeting Functionality, Multi-
Quota Support and more!

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