Toluna has created its QuickWebinar series to ensure that you have the latest information about accessing real-time consumer insights solutions, Toluna’s full suite of products and solutions, and how best to apply them, and tips and tricks for use.  These webinars last no more than 30 minutes.

Upcoming QuickWebinars

July 19, 2018 - July 19, 2018
Communities Today: Re-Emerging and Growing

Social Media, and today’s digital landscape has changed everything for communities.  Communities are a structured method for bringing people together online to join in a conversation or investigation into what’s possible and what’s needed.  For “hard to reach” audiences, communities save money in survey recruitment, have better response rates with these audiences, and offer more profiling data on their members.

Whether it’s 100 physicians or 10,000 consumers who buy music online, it is easy to build a community of these people and then conduct research with them.

  • It has never been easier…and cheaper…to get groups together – lists, databases, etc. are readily available and usable (recruit from these lists and deeper build audience profiles)
  • Social media conversations create a completely different level of “qualitative” research (fresh & new) – communities can mirror those conversations for research purposes
  • We all want to know WHY?  And it’s so easy to post and ask the answers to WHY

View this webinar, and you’ll learn how you can build, manage, data mine, analyze and report all from one place – and keep all the data on one cloud so everyone on your team can access it easily.

August 02, 2018 - August 02, 2018
On-Demand Methodologies: PowerSuite

Expedite your research with the PowerSuite, a collection of fully-automated insight tools on the TolunaInsights platform, designed to guide you from idea to understanding in just hours. By automating industry proven methodologies, you can conduct your own shelf test, package, concept, positioning or attitudinal study from anywhere with full confidence in the result as our expertise is built into the process, and drives actionable insights and reporting.

• Templated approach ensures repeatable, reliable insights in a fraction of the time of traditional methods

• Critical decision making processes, product development and time-to-market are expedited, with project launch taking mere minutes and insights populating in real time

• Reporting is diagnostic and enables users to react quickly

• Intuitive wizard guides the way; no research expertise is required

View this webinar and learn how you can action your consumer insights studies with ease, target the right audience and obtain real-time, high value insights.

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