Toluna has created its QuickWebinar series to ensure that you have the latest information about accessing real-time consumer insights solutions, Toluna’s full suite of products and solutions, and how best to apply them, and tips and tricks for use.  These webinars last no more than 30 minutes.

Upcoming QuickWebinars

August 23, 2018 - August 23, 2018
Accessing Actionable Results in Real-Time: Using Toluna’s Analytics and Dashboarding Capabilities to Obtain Competitive Advantage

Toluna offers easy-to-use web-based data visualization and analytics that enable you to access real-time reporting and analyze results with the click of a button, as data populates in real-time.  This comprehensive reporting platform enables access to dashboards, field reports, real-time verbatim responses and key metrics all within a single interface. Join our upcoming webinar and learn how to take advantage of this easy-to-use platform, and access more advanced features like:

  • Advanced analytic procedures
  • Data weighting
  • Creating sub-populations
  • Filter and conduct all levels of significance testing
  • Reading heat-maps, which are now available within Toluna’s PowerSuite. 
September 06, 2018 - September 06, 2018
Advanced Targeting within QuickSurveys & PowerSuite– Ensure you’re Surveying the Most Precise Audience Imaginable

Toluna offers advanced targeting capabilities within QuickSurveys & PowerSuite. Users can target the precise audience they wish to learn more from with ease. During this webinar we’ll show you how to:

  • Pinpoint your target respondent
  • Assess feasibility and field timelines
  • Ensure that your desired target audience respond to the questions that they qualify for.

Past QuickWebinars